Convert Your Local files using Doc Conversion API (web app)

At Doc Conversion API, we want to make all conversions and document operations as easy as possible, so we decided to save you the worry of having to have specific storage configuration, as you can use a local file, or any files stored on the cloud.

As we’ve explained how to use cloud storage files in previous blogs, this time we’re going to focus on using a local file in your conversion, so you can use your own files that are stored on your local computer.

Using the Web App to Convert Local Files

If you’re looking to use an intuitive interface for a quick conversion, without the need to write code or test connections etc, then this is the right method for you, it’s quick, easy, and requires no configuration.

  1. Login to your Doc Conversion API dashboard and click on Files.
  2. From the Files, window click on File Import.

Choose a Local file

  1. Select the file you’d like to convert and click on choose.

choose a local file

  1. This will upload the file to your dashboard and add it to the file list.
  2. To convert the file, click on the PDF icon under the convert tab.

convert a local file

  1. This will create a new PDF file and add it to your file list.

Converted Local file

You can now download the converted PDF file or use the HTML viewer to view or embed this file in your web page.

If you need any further help, please contact us at [email protected].